Joy in a Funeral Home

 The path of the godly leads to life. So why fear death?                                                                                     Proverbs 12:28 (Living Bible)

I recently went to a funeral visitation to support friends who had lost their near 90-year-old mother. Hers had been a life well lived, and the packed funeral home attested to the ways that she and her family had positively impacted their community. The funeral home was filled with laughter and smiling faces.

Yes, that is a wonderful way to fill a funeral visitation. People coming together to celebrate the life of one who has redeemed their time well on earth. The overall mood was joyous and friendly- the result of old friends and family coming together.

Of course, there was sadness in her passing. This family had just lost a mother, grandmother, aunt, etc. Yet the pervasive tone there was joy in one another present. Good memories of her life abounded. Family stories of her impact were shared. All these were good things, and while painful at times, they were events to be celebrated and passed into family lore.

We naturally want a long and fruitful life, yet we know that it will someday end. Our hope is that one day, when others gather at that funeral home for us, they can laugh and share great stories together, and have laughter fill the room.

Prayer: Lord, you have given us the gift of life, help us to cram it full of wonderful stories, Amen

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