What Should We Play?

In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps                                               Proverbs 16:19

I’m not sure what made me think of this today. Maybe it is the fact that I am just drifting in thought back to the “old days”. It brings me back perhaps 60 + years ago to a much simpler time. Cue the harp player and the wavy lines that indicate a dreamy flashback- yes, that is an old school reference as well 😊…

I was sitting under a tree across the street from my house on Mayfair Ave. in Cincinnati. Our gang of friends was gathered, because that morning had been the last day of school. It was an early June morning, and we had just come home from St. Martin School. We were very excited to be out of school, and this was the official beginning of summer vacation in the neighborhood. We had the whole summer to ourselves, free to do whatever we wanted! That oppressive school year had just ended, and the nuns no longer controlled us until the day after Labor Day some 3 months hence. What a joy!

We pondered what to do. Should we play war? Always a good option for the guys. Should we plan another neighborhood show to fundraise for Muscular Dystrophy? We had done that last summer to dismal financial success, but we sure had a grand time putting on a show with our chemistry sets for the neighbors. Should we ride bikes? Maybe strap on the roller skates?

After just a little deliberation, we all decided on what would be really fun. We would play school! Yes, just hours after leaving the “jailhouse” of school, we would play school! Why did we think that this would be a good idea? Because WE were in charge of the school. We made up the rules. We decided how things would be in our little schoolhouse.

I think there is a lesson here (OK, pardon the pun). When we are in charge of things, we are fine with it. However, if we need to submit to the authority of others, the venture loses something. We are not in control anymore.

Human nature at work. I am much more apt to do something if it is my idea, and under my control, rather than something that might be imposed upon me. Just an interesting observation about us. Funny how we like things our way right?

Prayer: Lord, you give us free will, and I think you have joy in giving that to us. Help us to use it wisely, Amen

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