…casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

I Peter 5:7

So, do you worry? Especially about those we love? Of course you do. Some worry a little, some worry a lot, all worry some. That is why, I think, that so many promises are made in the Bible about how God provides for us, and that ultimately, he will take care of us.

Agreed, God is good and he will ultimately take care of us. God takes care of the sparrows, why would he not take care of us? Yet, we worry. Why? Well, lots of reasons. We worry because we care about others. We do not have control of those situations, but we worry, somehow in the back of our mind telling ourselves that our thoughts and prayers and concerns can give us some way to look at things differently. Maybe if we do this thing, or say that thing, we can make it better for those whom we care about.  

Well, bless our hearts, we usually cannot do much to change the minds and hearts of other people. The Holy Spirit can do the things we cannot do. So yes, we can and should pray about situations, but we must understand that there are things we can control, and things that we cannot control. The hard part is recognizing that difference, and allowing the Holy Spirit to do the things we simply cannot. In such case, we can have more peace about our situation.

My conclusion? Don’t beat yourself up because you worry. You worry because you care. Give yourself the assurance that your worry is stronger the more you care. Remind yourself- your worry will not change anything. Give yourself the grace of knowing that your care indicates your heart concerns for others.

 Let God do the caring for you also.

Prayer: Lord, bless all who carry a burden for others, Amen

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