In the Moment

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Richard Bach

I was speaking recently with a client who suffers from anxiety, and I was talking about some tools to help deal with her anxiety. I went over with her again how to use some of the tools to control anxiety, and I then brought the discussion to the upcoming Christmas season. She has recently experienced the loss of a parent, and her other aging parent has some significant health problems now. Needless to say, anxiety is running strong now in this client.

I talked with her about living in the moment during this wonderful Christmas season, and just being intentional about some moments with her own kids. I asked her to just take a pause to breathe, and then give herself permission for that moment with her family to be intentional about getting in touch with the joy she feels in the present.

Anxiety tends to make us live in the future. We anticipate what can go wrong, what surely will go wrong (so anxiety tells us), and we lose the joy of the present. So, I asked her to try several times this next week to be intentional about being in the present moment- to savor the time with her kids and husband, and to allow herself to do this. Anxiety actually gives us the message that somehow our worry is essential to making the future OK. That, of course, is the irrationality of anxiety talking.

So, in this season of Christmas, be intentional about taking time to enjoy a present moment with those we love.

Prayer: Lord, help us to enjoy each moment of the present with others, Amen

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