Light in the Darkness

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.                                                          John 1:5

Maybe it is no coincidence that we traditionally celebrate Christmas in the darkest (literally) time of the year. The Winter solstice occurs on December 21st, and, of course, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. The Northern Hemisphere is having the shortest days of the year around that time. Perhaps symbolically we see that when we are at our darkest points, the light from above is sent to guide and encourage us. Many people in the world need that right now.

The people in Ukraine are suffering at the hands of evil. People in Indonesia and Haiti suffer from natural disasters. People in Virginia, Colorado, and let’s face it, people from every U.S. state, are reeling from mass shootings. Violent, senseless, political rhetoric separates people.  

We need the light.

God in his mercy and wisdom did send Jesus, the Redeemer, to give us hope and a way to live. He sent his son into a dark world to show us that love can conquer the worst we have to offer- and we have a lot of “worst” to offer.

But take heart my friends. God does not leave us in that darkness without a remedy. This Christmas season, let’s remember that hope.

Prayer: Lord, we anticipate the renewal of Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, Amen

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