Giving Ourselves Permission

Then he turned my sorrow into joy! He took away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy Psalm 30:11

It sorta sounds funny, doesn’t it? “Giving ourselves permission” to do something. But that is exactly what I told a client the other day who is grieving the loss of her mother. Grief is hard, and sometimes we unwittingly make it harder on ourselves with some unwritten rules. For example, sometimes we feel that we will somehow dishonor the deceased by getting back into a normal routine. We may need to give ourselves permission to get back to the expected duties of life in a reasonable timeframe – you know, “life going on”.

I’m not sure I like that saying, “moving on with life” that much, but there is truth in it. I would argue that we honor our deceased loved ones when we do proceed with our normal life, albeit with a heavy heart.

Those who have passed that we love, and presumably they loved us, would want the very best for those left behind here on earth. Perhaps we will even be more missional and thoughtful in our actions, keeping their legacy in mind. Many people have been motivated to heroic and society changing things spurred on by memories of loved ones.

So, we may need to give ourselves permission to return to regular routines and patterns after the loss of a loved one. We may even life a better life to honor those lost.

Prayer: Lord, we know you are solace to the grieving. Help us to honor those who went before us, Amen.

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