Lending to the Lord

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.                                                                                                     Proverbs 19:17

Isn’t that an interesting idea- lending to the Lord. What does that even mean? How can we mere mortals lend something to the God of the universe? The idea that God has set up this system whereby if we give to the “least of our brethren”, we end up lending to Him, is absurd and beautiful at the same time. God has so affiliated with us, his creation, that he wants us to love him by loving others. Especially those who have less material resources than us. Some people, indeed, have not enough to even sustain basic needs. We are called upon by God to meet the needs of those who cannot meet their own needs.

God did not set up a system whereby we judge who is worthy of our help. He simply says, that we give to the poor, and He is in our debt. The fact that such a concept can come from a sovereign omnipotent God is at least baffling. And amazing.

So, here is the deal. God creates the universe, gives free will to the people to whom he has given life, and only expects in “payment”, that we care for those who are struggling.

Yes, this kind of love is beyond our understanding, so don’t get upset that it is beyond our puny ability to reason it out.

But I do suggest that we take this seriously. The rewards of having God indebted to us somehow is too amazing to pass up. Yet, we do not give to others in order to have God in debt to us, because that is a bad motive. Helping others because we have the mind and heart of God- that is the point.

Prayer: How amazing is it that you have the plan of giving to us as we give to others, Amen    

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