What Do You See?

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven                                                                                                                                               Luke 6:37

We are all familiar with these types of images. Depending upon how you look at it, you will see either the figure or the background. Sometimes it is hard to get one image out of our mind to be able to see the other possible interpretation. Our brains have a need to identify one image at a time. Once we are open to seeing either image, we can more easily go back and forth, interpreting the image as we decide.

It is hard for us to hold two very different interpretations at the same time. So it is also true with how we identify other people. We are often quick to judge, placing certain people in categories, often without thinking. It takes an intentional decision to look for another way at seeing the image before us- or the people before us.

Our current political and social media atmospheres tend to put us into “either/or” thinking. “You agree with me or your thinking is wrong”. Indeed, some decide that those who do not think similarly are the enemy.

God does not see us that way. While he is the God of justice, he is also the God of mercy. He grieves over our sin, but he sends a redeemer to solve the problem. Seeing the world the way God sees the world does not come naturally to us. His thinking is supernatural, informed by the presence of the Holy Spirit. In order to see the world this way, we need more than our natural thoughts. We need that same Holy Spirit.

We need the wisdom of God, and humility is the only way to come around to this way to see other people.

Prayer: Lord, give us your eyes to see other people, Amen

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