Sure, That’s Amazing, What Else You Got?

Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!                                                                    Psalm 66:5

As I was driving down the highway the other day at about 65 MPH eating a Starbucks pumpkin scone, I thought about how this might be perceived by a traveler from let’s say 1750. I can just hear their incredulous response. “You were eating while traveling 65 miles per hour? How is that possible?” Maybe not the best practice while driving, but that may be a subject for another blog…

What we take for granted, previous generations would see as science fiction. What used to be seen as amazing is now commonplace. On a more spectacular basis, how might that citizen from 1750, or even 1850 think about people routinely traveling into space? Or instant communication between people around the globe? Or advances in health care that have brought previously grievous diseases under control?

This all got me thinking about how we take “amazing” for granted. We have come to expect the next amazing thing, and often we get it. Science and technology almost never cease to amaze us, but we are not amazed, we almost feel entitled.

Maybe it’s just me that thinks that we need to sit back and have some child-like amazement again about this world we live in. In fact, we take the origin of our universe, and the incredible mysteries of nature for granted.

Just remember, we live in a miraculously created universe that we still do not completely understand. But yeah, we take that for granted…

Lord, we are amazed at your universe, as well as the gifts you have given to humankind to make great advances. Forgive us when we simply take it all for granted, Amen

2 thoughts on “Sure, That’s Amazing, What Else You Got?

  1. Thanks, Cousin, for the beautiful reminder! (And also, now I’m going to be needing to go get a pumpkin scone for breakfast 😅)


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