The Laws of Physics

The second law (of thermodynamics) states that physical systems tend to slide spontaneously and irreversibly toward a state of disorder (a process driven by an increase in entropy)…

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.                                                                                                                                                        I Peter 4:10

It is interesting to me that the laws of physics govern not only the state of matter, but our human condition. Essentially, the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that all things in the universe tend to go to a higher state of entropy (disorder) if left to themselves. If you ever owned a car, or a refrigerator, or a washer- or anything- you know that it will eventually wear out or breakdown. It is a law of the universe. Stuff, like people, eventually wears out and breaks down.

Some people like to quote Murphy’s Law also, which states that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. While Murphy’s Law is not a real thing (yes, some would argue that it IS a thing), the Second Law of Thermodynamics is real, and we are governed by it.

I was thinking about this the other day in talking to some clients about their marriage relationship. Unless you do regular maintenance on the relationship, it will start to break down. Relationships are like anything else. One needs to pay attention to them, work on them, nurture them, repair them when they start to fray. If we don’t, they can wear down and eventually fall apart.

Our job is to maintain what we have been given to the best of our ability. Our bodies, our relationships, our possessions- we need to pay attention to them and maintain them as best we can. That is our job as stewards, not owners of all those things.

So, when thinking of important relationships in your life, what kind of maintenance are you needing to do?

Prayer: Lord, you have made us stewards of your creation, help us to maintain those gifts well, Amen.

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