Weighing In…

So, I think I am only going to do one blog on this – probably- because it is not in the mainstream of my typical content. Yet, there come times when an issue arises in the public forum that demands that we weigh in on it. If I remain silent on it, I am sure that I will regret it. So, I am simply stating my case about vaccination.

If I had to sum it up in one sentence, it would be this- vaccination is not a political issue. It is a social and medical issue to be sure, and I could argue that it is a moral issue. However, my point is, for those who are opposed to vaccination, let me be clear that you have every right to decide whether or not to be vaccinated. Thank God, we live in a country where we can make those choices. That being said, choices have consequences. You may have an employer who requires employees to be vaccinated. That is the right of the employer.  

My plea to those who choose not to be vaccinated is this- please follow science and not politics. That’s it. If you decide not to be vaccinated, and there are those who make that choice in an informed way based upon their own health, I think that is completely fine. But please, follow science and your own health situation in that decision.

 I implore people to look at the data, which at this point overwhelmingly shows that vaccination saves lives- both the vaccinated, and those with whom they come in contact. Hospital admissions, and deaths from COVID-19, again, overwhelmingly point to the efficacy of the vaccination, and the peril of those who are not vaccinated.

Finally, those hospitals, overrun by unvaccinated COVID -19 patients, are causing rationing of care for ALL patients. Many unnecessary deaths are occurring. And that is why I must write this. To have a strong belief about what is right, and to not state it, will cause one to have everlasting regret. I have said my piece here because I feel compelled to do so. It is because I want people to be healthy and free that I write this.

You may disagree with my stance, and believe me, I am completely fine with that. What I am not fine with is making vaccination something other than what it is.

Vaccination is not a political opinion. It is a social and medical imperative.

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