Along the Way

When he saw them, he said, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed Luke 17:14

Twice the other day in counseling sessions I had occasion to recall the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers as told in Luke chapter 17. The context of the counseling was around the idea that healing is not instantaneous. The lepers were healed after Jesus told them to “go show yourselves to the priest”. This was a standard practice- to have verification that healing had taken place, and that the now “clean” sufferers were allowed to return to society.

Jesus did not just immediately heal them, as he had done on some other occasions. He instructed them to turn away and go to show themselves to the priest. They were healed “along the way”, as they obeyed the instructions that Jesus gave to them.

I think we are healed in the same way from whatever malady we might have. As we do the things we are instructed to do, we are open to be healed. Typically, there are things that we must do to take care of ourselves, or medications we must take, disciplines we must undertake, etc., in order to attain healing.

I wanted to assure my clients that healing is out there, but there are things that must be done to help make that happen. Secondly, I wanted to let them know that healing is not always, or even often, instantaneous. Patience in the process is needed, but it will be rewarded.

So, if you are on a healing journey, trust the process, keep your disciplines, and trust that God will meet you at your place of obedience.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for the lesson of the lepers, and help us be patient and obedient, Amen

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