Just Trust…

After this, many of his disciples left. They no longer wanted to be associated with him. Then Jesus gave the Twelve their chance: “Do you also want to leave?”

 Peter replied, “Master, to whom would we go? You have the words of real life, eternal life. We’ve already committed ourselves, confident that you are the Holy One of God.”                                            John 6:66-69

We are always surrounded by events which cause us to question “Where is God in this?” This is simply a part of the human experience, and it is not an unfair question. We are made to be reasoning and curious by our Creator, so we use those sentient tools to try to reason out the problems we encounter on this earth. Yet, we always come up against those questions which cannot be answered. “Why did that child need to die?”  “How does evil continue to prosper?”

We turn to our loving Father, and we find no answers to these perplexing and disturbing questions. But we are faced with the other alternative- where do we turn if not to God?

We are not promised answers to those terribly hard questions. We, the created, are not the Creator. Submission to that fact is, to me, reassuring. I don’t have the answers, but I am also not the One in charge. Knowing that this creation is a massive miracle in and of itself, that our existence alone is cause for the wildest celebration, is good enough for me to recognize his might, power, and sovereignty. God does not owe me explanations.

I just owe God my trust.  

Prayer: When we don’t understand, we just trust you, Amen.

One thought on “Just Trust…

  1. Once, when going through a particularly difficult season in my life, a wise confidant said, “You say you love Him but do you TRUST Him? Do you trust that He is working all things together for your good? To demonstrate your love as in any relationship, you must have trust.” It opened my eyes to my mistrust and causes me to reevaluate my attitude and perspective with regards to my heavenly relationship.


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