A man without God is trusting in a spider’s web. Everything he counts on will collapse.  If he counts on his home for security, it won’t last.                                                                                                                     Job 8:14-15 (Living Bible)

Immediately following World War I, Warren Harding ran on a platform of “Return to Normalcy”. No one is exactly sure what that means, but it sure sounded good to a war-weary American populace in the 1920 election. Much like our return to post-Covid-19 life (yes, I’m saying “post Covid” even though the Delta variant is still a problem), we want a return to “normal”.

I began to think about my own sense of normal. I am more a creature of habit than I care to admit (yes, I just admitted it, stay with me). If there is any break in my routine, even good things like vacations, I get thrown off a bit, and I crave a return to what I see as my normal.

Even in little things.

 Recently, we just had new carpet installed. Yes, a good thing to replace old carpet- fresh look and feel and all that. Yet, the house was disrupted for several days, things out of place etc., and my normal routine was altered just a bit. I noticed that I was anxious to get “back to normal”. I wanted things put back into their place, and my routine restored.

Funny how we rely upon the simple little things to give us a sense of normal. That “normal” is our sense of feeling secure, because life is then a bit more predictable. If a little thing like a break from our routine can give us a slight sense of imbalance, how much more does trauma affect our lives?

We seek security and predictability. That true security in life comes from our faith, but we sure want those little tokens of our “normal” to keep us on an even keel.

I know I do.

Prayer: Lord, be with those whose life is disrupted by trauma of any kind. Bless them and give them your sense of security, Amen

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