Emotional Responses

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever                                                               Hebrews 13:8 (Living Bible)

I spoke with a client recently who is struggling a great deal in his relationship with God. Not uncommon, to be sure. We all wrestle, to some degree, with understanding our relationship with God. This client like several others, sat under teaching that emphasized a God who was easily angered by people, and would respond with grievous punishment. Specifically, this client fears the “end times”, which is a teaching emphasis of the churches he has attended over the years.  

This client has based most of his relationship with God on an emotional connection. He can feel intensely close to God after certain experiences, but when that feeling wanes, he wonders if he is worthy of a relationship with God.

Emotions are powerful drivers, and we can get enamored with those “mountaintop experiences” that leave us feeling exhilarated. The problem is, those emotions are bound to subside and return to the normal ups and downs that all of us experience. We cannot gauge our relationship with God, or even other people, solely upon how we feel.

God never changes, but our emotions about him do. It is important to remember that our acceptance by God is not based upon an emotional experience. It is based upon the trust that he is faithful, and he keeps his promises, even when we are not “feeling it”.

Our emotions are wonderful parts of the human experience. We just cannot live our life, or judge our worth, or gauge our relationship with God by those feelings that are bound to be changeable.  

Prayer: Lord, you have given us the gift of emotional response. Help us to keep it in perspective, and recognize that your love for us never changes, Amen.

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