Psalm 103

As a father has pity on his children, so the Lord has pity on his worshipers.

 For he has knowledge of our feeble frame; he sees that we are only dust.                                          Psalm 103:13-14

Psalm 103 is about my favorite part of the Bible. It has a lot to do with how we see God, and more importantly, how He sees us.  So many times in my counseling practice, I have talked with people who cannot understand why God would love them. They certainly don’t feel it, and perhaps were never taught it.

They may have grown up with the idea of a judging, angry God. Sometimes this was informed by a father who did not show warmth or kindness, or perhaps one who was even abusive. However it happens, people often miss the understanding of God as a loving father.

Such an understanding colors our view of everything. If God is not a loving father, maybe he is an angry, judgmental one whom we can never please. Or maybe God is a distant, absent father who periodically checks in when we call for help, but really cannot be counted upon.

My understanding of the nature and character of God is one of a loving father who sees our frailty. He knows how we are made, but does not blame us for our failures to always do the right thing. He forgives us as we seek him for it.

We fathers know how much we love our children. If God loves us like that, and He does, we can feel secure in that relationship. It changes how we see the world.

Prayer: Thank you Father for loving us right where we are, Amen

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