Rainy Day Memories…

We never realize the value of something until it becomes a memory                                                    (Graciousquotes.com)

Maybe it’s rainy days. As I sit to write this blog, it has been raining all day. Actually for me, that makes it easier to write, because if the sun is out, I need to be out too. The rain however puts me into a nostalgic mood. I am listening to old vinyl. My older readers immediately relate, but then again, vinyl is now actually a cool thing. The old records are amazing. I am immediately transported to another time as I listen.

My son helped fix up the speakers so that the sound is actually pretty good. He listened to some of the records with us that we used as background for childhood wrestling matches in the living room, and it recalled great memories. Yes, the records skipped while we wrestled in that old living room with my kids as we shook the floor, but what great memories!

I listened to records from my dad, one of which was the song my daughter and I danced to at her wedding (Daddy’s Little Girl by the Mills Brothers). So rainy days are good for memories and listening to old vinyl.

If you have saved old vinyl records, find a rainy day to play them.

 It is good for the soul.

Prayer: Lord, you give us pleasure in little things. Thank you for such detail in providing for us, Amen

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