Tell Me a Story…

My heart is overflowing with a beautiful thought! I will write a lovely poem to the King, for I am as full of words as the speediest writer pouring out his story.                                                                                                               Psalm 45:1 (The Message)

When my kids were little, they often used to ask me to tell them a story. I was usually glad to oblige.  People love stories, and children especially love stories told to them by parents and grandparents. So, if your child or your grandchild asks for a story, by all means, tell them a story!

Rituals like this are reassuring to children. As we reflect back, we see that those times are likely more reassuring to us, the tellers, than it was to the kids. When my kids were little, I would tell them what to dream about.  This practice was reassuring to them, even though they may well never dream about what I suggested. It gave me an opportunity to give them reassurance to recall good things that had happened to them- to let them sleep peacefully.  Sometimes it was about what their future might be like. Sometimes, it was just about a positive experience in their life.

As we have opportunities to speak good things into the lives of our children and grandchildren, we need to grab those times while they still remain. As I was talking with a friend today, he related to me that he had given his grandson a story of family legacy. I told my friend that his grandson would likely never forget that experience.

Much of our history has been oral history. We pass down family stories that become family lore. That has been the case for centuries. I suggest that we keep on doing it.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for the legacies that you give us. Help us to pass them down to the next generations, Amen.

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