This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.                                                                                             Psalm 118:24 (KJV)

In 1920, Warren Harding ran for President with the slogan “Return to Normalcy”. No one really knew what that meant, because it meant something different to everyone. The country had been through a devastating World War, the “Spanish Flu” Pandemic, the “Red Scare” fallout of the Russian Revolution, and heaven knows what other terrible disasters that had recently beset the country.

That “return to normalcy” concept was ridiculed by many, but the truth was, everyone wanted a return to normal after all that had happened. Harding was elected in a landslide. People wanted to forget those terrible years and find diversions and that wonderful “normal” that had been   missing. Hello Roaring 20’s!

Today, we feel much the same way. The COVID-19 crisis looks like it is starting to abate, vaccinations are in the pipeline and, increasingly, in arms. The political turmoil is still here, but the volume is much lower, and the economy seems ready to take off as restrictions are slowly lifted. Yes, we yearn for return to normal.

Isn’t it interesting that it always takes disasters for us to appreciate “normal”? Maybe we can learn to appreciate everyday life- our jobs, our families, our friends, indeed our health, even without the threat of something that disrupts them.

Let’s just enjoy the day we live in, and thank God for “normal” every day.

Prayer: Lord, we forget so easily that normal is such a blessing, Amen

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