Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us…                                                                                            Romans 12:6 (KJV)

This season I am listening to more Christmas music than in the past, trying to pump up the Christmas mood. In particular, I am listening to one of my favorite artists, Josh Groban. His powerful voice and seemingly effortless style put me in my mind of the gifts that he has been given as a singer.

As I listen, I think about how much talent he has, especially in relation to how little I have musically. I so appreciate his talent! I believe that Josh Groban also has a deep faith, and somehow this translates into how he delivers the beautiful gift of his voice, and interpretation of the music he sings.

We have been given, as the Bible says “gifts differing”. We cannot, and should not, try to compare to others the measure of gifts we have been given, but rather, we should develop those gifts to the fullest.  We need to recognize that we have all been given certain gifts from birth. It is our job develop them, and give them back to God, using them in the service of others.

So, whatever your gifts, and indeed you have them, you need to recognize them, attribute them appropriately as gifts from God, and use them in his service.

That is the gift that we give back to God.

Prayer: Thank you for the gifts that you give us. Help us to leverage them fully for your service, Amen

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