This is the Day

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.                                                               Psalm 118:24

My old friend Pastor Michael Bowie used to say “They call it the present because it is a gift”. He likes to play on words, and he is good at it. His point is, enjoy today, because it is a gift and we will never get it again. How true. How much time do I waste in looking ahead to an uncertain future, or looking back into an idyllic past?

Anxiety is typically future focused. “What bad thing might happen?” “What if that happens?” That goes on and on in the mind of people who suffer from anxiety. Similarly, people who suffer from depression often have thoughts dominated by the past.  The things that “used to be better”.

In fact, researchers say that our memories of the past are typically skewed by certain mindsets, and that our recall is not as absolute as we would like to think. That however is the topic of another day.

Today, let’s just savor the moment. Accept the gift that is today, and have gratitude for another opportunity to experience our friends, family, and the amazing creation in which we live.

Prayer: Thank you for the gift of today. Help us use it wisely, Amen.

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