Our Mission

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.                                                                                                                                                                               Matthew 6:33

I often talk with people about life mission- their purpose for existence. I have discussed Viktor Franklin past columns and his ideas about significance and purpose as a therapeutic tool. I think that living out a life of purpose is critical in having good mental health. We are meant to have high purpose in life. Yet people often struggle with the thought that they have any means to impact the world around them.

Some people are overwhelmed with the idea that they must struggle to “find God’s plan for their life”. I understand that this struggle can be real, even crippling for some. I talk with people about my belief that there is not just one elusive “God- plan” that people must work hard to find. I believe that life mission for us is really right before us, and that there is not just one direction that we can go to be obedient to it.

We all are born with certain gifts and strengths. Often, we see these early in life in children, and such gifts, of course, need to be nurtured. Such gifts are typically part of the preparation for our life mission.

Next, we all have life experiences- milestone events that are significant in shaping us. Those include any event that, when we are asked about describing our life journey, come to mind pretty quickly. They are both positive and negative experiences, but they are part of forming our unique story.

Finally, there is our passion. Sometimes I will frame this as, “If you win the lottery tomorrow and never had to work for pay for the rest of your life, what would you do?” Indeed, “What might YOU pay to do?”

By putting together these three “life streams”, we begin to see a very distinct pattern about life direction, desires, and abilities to do the mission. So, I do not believe that figuring out our life mission is an elusive plan that we must labor to find.

I believe that as long as we honor God first, in whatever we do, we are in the mission he calls us to.

Tomorrow, a little story about life mission. Stay tuned.


Prayer: Father, thank you for calling us to significance and purpose in this world. You count on us to carry out your plans, Amen.

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