So, What’s Your Plan?

Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit                                                                                                                                                                                         3 John 1:2

Recently I told a client that her homework (remember, I always give homework to my clients) was to write fiction.  She was to create a fictional character who can express the things that she cannot share in the first person. Maybe she could do it in the third person.

I had just read a piece about the value of fiction writing in expression of our true selves. Somehow, when we can get outside of the confines of people potentially judging us, and when we can put our words in the mouth of a fictional character, we can be freer to express.

That concept seemed to ring true to me. I have written a novel, and I am working on a sequel. No, I do not expect to be a best seller. Or even much of a “seller”. I write because I enjoy it. I can speak through my characters, and it is really enjoyable- my therapy, if you will. I do not expect others to derive as much joy from my writing as I do, but I am so pleased when my writing does hit home for people.

My point today is, on the heels of yesterday’s blog about depression, I asked, “what is your therapy?” We all need therapy for heaven’s sake. I hope the “stigma ship” on that has sailed long ago (OK, it hasn’t).

What are the things that you intentionally do to make yourself a little healthier physically, spiritually and emotionally? What is your program for health?

Years ago, when we started a recovery service at our church (The Next Step), I was challenged by my teammates who were all in active recovery from some substance abuse to “name my program”. They all had theirs, and even a sponsor to be accountable to.

I had to think about that, and I came up with the things that I intentionally do to stay healthy in all phases of my life. It was a good process, because I was able to actually name those things, those disciplines, and therefore be more intentional in practicing them.

So, I challenge my readers to write out your program for health. What is it that you do regularly to stay healthy- spiritually, physically and emotionally? No need to share unless you really want to. I think it will be a good process for you.

It was for me.

Prayer: Father, thank you for giving us the tools to work toward health. Direct our ways toward healthy living, Amen


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