Upon Further Review…

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the Earth                                                                                         Matthew 5:5 

I have always been drawn to the meaning of the word “meekness”. We have typically made the word synonymous with “mild” or even “weak”. One of the definitions I found for the word was:


  1. the fact or condition of being meek; submissiveness

However, upon further review, I think the meaning is actually quite different than this. Some Bible expositors define meekness as “power under control”. I think this is the sense that Jesus talked about in the Sermon on the Mount. Those who are meek really will inherit the earth, because the meek have power and use it with great discretion. Those who have the attribute of meekness recognize that they do not need to bully others, or intimidate others in an argument. They have enough self-assurance that they need not explain to others that they are powerful in their reasoning.

Like a strong horse whose power is under control by the bridle, it can summon great strength when it is directed properly by the rider. The key is to understand that the power is available, and it is not used recklessly, but for a purpose.

Do not underestimate the power of a restrained response. Especially in these days of conflict, anger and social media confrontation, those who demonstrate meekness, may be seen as weak, but their discretion is so important. The restraint that we need these days will be modeled by the meek.

I hope they do inherit the earth.

Prayer: I thank you for the depth of Jesus’ amazing teaching. His are truly the words of life, Amen.


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