A Talk with God…

I hope today’s reflection, a bit different than usual, doe not offend the reader with its casual tone toward God. I think prayer is just a conversation with God, and that he relishes it when we talk with him. Agreeing with God, ultimately, is the way we have peace and how we prosper.

So, I had this imaginary conversation with God, and it went something like this…

Me: God, you know I have asked you a bunch of times to curse this Coronavirus to hell, and it still has not happened. This is getting really annoying for folks, and I know that you know it.

God: It doesn’t work that way.

Me: David used to put a curse on his enemies all the time and you seemed to be OK with that. How come you let the Coronavirus hang around. It is killing people, and freaking everybody else out!

God: Well, it’s not that simple. For example, if I gave you the power to curse stuff to hell, there would be no end to it. You’d find something else that you were mad at and try to curse it to hell too. And you know David. He was a bit of a hothead, but I always called him my friend. In the end he had great trust in me, and great dependence. I liked that.

Me: So, we don’t get to curse the virus?

God: No, you will have to use it as a learning experience. I have formed the human race to be able to solve problems, and to grow from disasters. You know the rules. Trust me, even when you don’t see the outcome, and I will do the things you cannot possibly do.

Me: Yes, I know, but that is so hard. People are hurting. And we are really pretty mad too.

God: Yes, I know. And you also know that I love you all. Don’t you think your pain doesn’t hurt me? It was not my intent that humankind decided to stray away from the original plans. But I gave you all free will to make your own decisions. I had to pay a high price, the suffering of my son, to save you all from your bad decisions, your sins.

Me: Yes, I know, and we deeply appreciate Jesus! It’s just that Coronavirus has made life so… abnormal!

God: Yes, but you will be OK. I have given you all not only free will, but an amazing capacity to solve problems and to be resilient in the face of terrible danger. When you all work together to solve problems, to help each other, sacrificing for one another, it is just so gratifying to me as your heavenly father. You’re a father, you know what I mean.

Me: Yes, true, you are right, as always. Thanks for listening.

God: Believe me, it is my pleasure. I love it when you talk with me.

Me: Good talk dad.

God: Just keep it up!

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