The Miracle of Water

For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants. They will spring up like grass in a meadow, like poplar trees by flowing streams.                                                                                                                  Isaiah 44:3-4 

Isaiah 44:3-4 talks about the outpouring of water on a thirsty land. The Israelites lived in a semi-arid land, where water often was scarce. People depended on the “early and latter rains” for the crops to have any chance of flourishing. Starvation was possibly one missed late season rainfall away. Water on a thirsty land was a metaphor very close to their hearts. The prophet Isaiah used this analogy to describe the effect of the Spirit of God on his people. He likened the Spirit to the life giving waters in a desert land.

What was true then in ancient Israel is true today. Water is essential for physical life, and the Spirit of God is essential for spiritual life. The Spirit of God was moving over the waters in creation, and the Spirit of God is moving in the hearts of believers. Paul said in his letter to the Corinthians that spiritual things can only be discerned with the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God. We cannot know God aside from the guidance and direction of His Spirit.

I find “dry” times in my spiritual life at times, just as the desert is dry without the life-giving waters provided by the rain. The Spirit of God is the only one who can refresh my dry spirit. Yet this Spirit, the power of creating the universe, can be quelled by my indifference, my failure to yield, my pride, my sense of entitlement.

Think of a drink of cool water on a blistering hot day after you have been deprived of water for a while. Like that water from the garden hose after playing in the sun when you were a kid. Remember how refreshing that was?! It renewed your physical body, and you actually were revived. The Holy Spirit of God does that for our souls when we allow him to guide our thoughts and actions. 

Prayer: Father, I thank you for your Spirit, whom you have placed in my heart. I know that the Spirit gives life, and it gives my soul refreshment. I will acknowledge His leading today, and I will give you the praise, Amen.


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