Some Thoughts on Prayer


Today we look at some principles of prayer. In the coming days, I will discuss some of these principles in more depth. 

  • God already knows our needs. We pray for reasons other than to let God know our needs. Prayer is about our need to connect with Him, and be in relationship.
  • We all have doubt, I take that as a given. However, it confirms our faith each time we pray. It affirms our faith, however shaky it may be. Faith, even as small as the mustard seed, is shown when we open our mouth to utter His name.
  • God does not owe us anything. We need to search our hearts for a sense of entitlement. Romans 11:35; Job 41:11; Job 2:10; Daniel 3:17-18
  • Prayer changes our attitude about the situation. It does not always change the situation we are in, but we are changed when we pray. We can then see things more through God’s eyes. It renews our mind. It helps us see the truth of a situation, that God has bigger plans and a bigger vision than we do.; Isaiah 55:8-9 (God’s ways are higher than our ways); Gen. 50:20 (We do not see the whole picture)
  • Prayer is about listening to God, not just talking to Him. We need to be silent before Him at prayer time. I am not always so good at that, because I am apt to “do” rather than “be”.
  • Prayer reveals much about our character. In prayer, when I open up to God, I can recognize my selfishness, my bargaining with God.
  • Prayer connects us with our source of power. By myself, I am unable to do anything. In the presence of God, following His Spirit, I can do anything. Philippians 4:13
  • God is sovereign, and He does not answer to us. When we lift up prayers, God hears them, and they do not return void. However, God will be God, and He will answer in His time and way.
  • Answered prayer does not mean that we deserve it, or that we did something right. We simply return thanks for His grace. We might not recognize that God has answered our prayer because we did not get what we asked for. However, we receive what is best for us, because God loves us and wants the best for us.
  • Praying for our “enemies”- Changes our heart toward them; gives a chance for empathy for them; allows God to work in both our lives.

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