God has come to Help His People

God has come to Help His People

Luke 7:11-17 

“God has come to help His people” 

In this passage we see the compassion of Jesus, which moved him to raise from death the son of a widow. In those times, a widow without a man to help her with the daily needs of life was in a desperate situation. Jesus knew her need, and he responded to it.

People need to see how we as Christians respond to the desperate needs of those around us. Only then (in many cases) will people even look twice at the saving power of Jesus Christ whose love compels those compassionate deeds.

Consider the actions that so many people are doing during this time of health crisis.  Compassion for desperate, suffering people is the historic response of Christians throughout the centuries. There are many, many examples of course, but one that really moved me is the action of Samaritan’s Purse in going “directly into the fire” so to speak.  That ministry has set up temporary hospitals in Italy and now in New York City. Their selfless and extravagant charity toward others is truly inspiring. Often, it is only after responding to the physical life and needs of people that we can begin to show them the spiritual saving power of Jesus.

As the hands and feet of Jesus, we can help to make the “kingdom come” for the poorest and neediest people on earth. Indeed, we can be the instruments whereby “God has come to help His people” as it is recorded in Luke 7:16.

So, I urge my readers to think about those little, unique ways you can serve others at this time. A gift card to health care workers or first responders is a small example of kindness and caring, affirming our gratitude to those laboring to save others. By the way, gift cards from local restaurants also helps those struggling businesses to survive!

People will be better able to respond to our evangelism (good news of eternal life) when we can also give them hope for a future on earth through our care and compassion.


Prayer: Father, we thank you for the abundant life which you have given to us. Give us the vision to be able to share it freely with others who do not yet know you. Amen

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