Building Margins

And that’s about it, friends. Be cheerful. Keep things in good repair. Keep your spirits up. Think in harmony. Be agreeable. Do all that, and the God of love and peace will be with you for sure.

II Corinthians13:11-13 (The Message)

In these days there exists a chronic level of anger and distress caused by sad and tragic news, and often vile political rhetoric. This noise is around us at seemingly every turn, so what can we do for respite? How can we build some margins around us so that we can restore some peace amidst the chaos?

Here are some ideas for building those margins:

  • Erect some boundaries on social media. Take a respite of a few days from Facebook, Twitter, etc. and the myriad of social media which engulfs us. It will be OK to do that, trust me.
  • Make sure you make time for exercise, just for you. Walk outside, do the treadmill, go to the gym, do your aerobics in your own home- whatever you do. Just do it (to co-opt a phrase).
  • Get into nature. Visit a lake, a woods, the mountains, a beach. Enjoy God’s marvelous creation.
  • Exercise silence. Nothing wrong with being silent. In fact, silence can be very healing.
  • Journal your thoughts and feelings. It is just your time to go inward.
  • Read your book. Here I assume you have a regular reading schedule- right?
  • Listen to music, it can soothe your soul

These are just a few ideas which can be restorative. Let me know what works for you!

Prayer: Father, you want peace for us in all ways. Give us the desire to seek your peace, Amen

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