Pink Clouds

He covers the heavens with clouds; he prepares rain for the earth; he makes grass grow on the hills. Psalm 147:8

As I was walking this morning, I saw a familiar beautiful phenomenon- pink clouds. I am guessing you have seen them too. They often appear just after dawn as the rising sun lights up the sky. The western sky shows the reflection of that gorgeous sunrise in clouds that are tinged pink. Those clouds often have other spectacular colors as well, but the pink ones- they really get your attention! The problem with pink clouds is that they don’t last long. After just a few minutes, maybe a bit longer, they lose their pink tinge and go back to being – clouds.

In recovery work, people in early recovery from substance abuse may get the “Pink Cloud Syndrome” That means, after finally getting beyond their physical dependency, they start to live a life without the influence of an addictive substance. They feel better than they have ever felt in their life! Looking at life through those pink clouds is a wonderful experience, but it does not last. The regular stresses of life come, and the clouds are not pink anymore. Recovery is still in place, but the blush of joy of early recovery begins to fade.

Life is like that, and we run the risk of becoming discouraged when those pink clouds just become clouds. Just being aware of that phenomenon (and good sponsors tell their sponsees that this is a likely outcome) is helpful in preparing for the event.

Maybe even if we are not in recovery, we can get carried away with some unrealistic expectations. Hope is important for all of us, but we must then become aware that even if the clouds aren’t pink, we can be grateful for just the clouds. You know, without clouds there is no rain, so let’s appreciate the clouds in our life too.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the clouds, even the ones that aren’t pink! Amen

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