Day is done, Gone the sun, from the hills, from the lake, from the skies. All is well,

Safely rest, God is nigh, Go to sleep, Peaceful sleep, May the soldier, Or sailor, God keep.

On the land, or the deep, Safe in sleep. Love, good night, Must thou go,

When the day, And the night Need thee so?

All is well. Speedeth all, to their rest. Fades the light; and afar goeth day,

And the stars shineth bright, Fare thee well, Day has gone, Night is on. Thanks and praise,

For our days. ‘Neath the sun, ‘Neath the stars, ‘Neath the sky, as we go, this we know,

God is nigh.

(The words to Taps)

I got thinking about this haunting melody, Taps, as I was winding down my day. I then flashed to some funerals over the past years where I had conducted the service for a number of men and women who had served their country in the armed services. Several times, there was a bugler present at the graveside who played Taps, while the small group gathered around the casket being lowered into the ground for the final resting place.

To say that this is a moving experience is to put it mildly. I always found it hard to maintain a dry eye as this scenario unfolds. It is a sacred experience.

I always hoped that people had honored that deceased loved one as well during their life as they did at death. I trust that this was usually the case. But it is a reminder to us. We have the opportunity to honor people while they still live for the service they have given to their country, their family, and their community.

 Let us keep that always in mind.

 Prayer: Lord, help us honor the living and the dead for all they have contributed to us.

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