Lou Gehrig and Other Heroes…

As I write this blog, it is June 2. This day has been designated as Lou Gehrig Day by Major League Baseball. Lou Gehrig died of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, now better known as ALS, but in Gehrig’s day, the dreadful disease took on his name. He had become the face of the then barely know disease.

Gehrig faced this terrible disease with courage and character. On the day that he retired from baseball, knowing that he had a death sentence, he called himself “the luckiest guy on the face of the earth”. People who battle this disease, which progressively robs them of nearly everything, and eventually ends their life, fight it with amazing courage. I have walked through that struggle with one dear friend, and he and his family gave new meaning to courage and the sense of community it created around him.

Lou Gehrig is one of my heroes. All one need do is look at my office, and they will find no less than three pictures of Gehrig on my walls. However, there are many lesser known heroes who battle the disease themselves, or support those who do.

Huntington’s disease is in some ways similar to ALS, but is even lesser known. Huntington’s is a neurodegenerative disease every bit as devastating as ALS, but it has a genetic pathway which looms over every family with a history with the disease.

Another major league ballplayer, Joe Smith of the Houston Astros, along with his wife Allie LaForce, have been strong advocates of finding ways to eliminate this terrible disease. They too are heroes in this fight to deal with the devastating effects of the illness.

So, on this Lou Gehrig Day, I ask my readers to consider donating to either or both organizations to help the fight continue. I have included links for contact information. Let’s also pray for these families. They are not alone in the fight…



Prayer: Lord, we lift up those who suffer from grievous illness, no matter what the source. Help us to be your hands to help ease the suffering, Amen

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